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Our Staff

2023 Officers and Board of Directors

Rich McKnight


PricewaterhouseCoopers, Retired

Lisa Helmstetter


Senior Energy Engineer, T2M Design

Dean Harwood


Chief Financial Officer,

True Environmental LLC

Bruce Bailey

Past Chair

Proferro NV, Retired

Austin Miller

Director - Process, Risk, & Governance, Frazier & Deeter LLC

Brooke Adamson

Business Process and Strategy Consultant

Joan Foley

Charlotte Symphony, Retired

Katy Ryan

Executive Director, KinderMourn

Keisha Parker

Marketing Program Manager, Eliassen Group (Credit Karma)

Kelly Ogden

Founder, Lifestyle Management

Marvin Oden

Controller of the Currency, Retired

Mark Tiberio

PricewaterhouseCoopers, Retired

Tracy McGinnis

Vice President of Philanthropy and Strategic Initiatives, Southminster

Von Kinloch

Media Production Advisor,

Wells Fargo

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