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Lifelong LearningLabs

Three Friends Laughing

Thu, April 11 | Shepherd's Center of Charlotte

Life's Pavilion:

All About Retirement

Welcome to "Life's Pavilion: All About Retirement," led by Instructor Maarten Pennink. This engage course delves into the profound question of why one is tired at the end of the retirement day.

Wed, May 22 | Shepherd's Center of Charlotte

Estate Planning with McIntyre Elder Law

Free estate planning seminar. Come learn about getting your affairs in order, Wills? Trusts? Ladybird Deeds? We cover it all!

Couple Sitting with Financial Advisor

Mon/Thur in July | Shepherd's Center of Charlotte

A Matter of Balance

Lessons include home modifications, fear of falling, assessing and adapting risk of falls when up and about, a session on how to get up from a fall, and each session will include an actual exercise session specific to falls prevention needs. Participants will take home a workbook at the end!

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