Adventures In Learning Summer Registration

Creative Writing
10:00 AM

Learn how to get your thought onto paper in a creative way. During this class we will look back at fairy tales as we consider our own fairy tales. We will examine poems and write our own based on our own experiences. Storytelling cannot be exhausted - there's always another.
Instructor - Barbara Lawing

Estate Planning Strategies
11:00 AM

It is so important to have the right strategy in place to protect your loved ones as you continue age gracefully. Proper estate planning allows you to manage your assets while you’re alive and to lay out a plan of how you'd like for your estate to be distributed when you die. There are multiple products and services that you can use to help as you consider a strategy for estate planning, and I would love the opportunity to share this information with you.
Instructor: Michael Friedman

The Development of the Human Consciousness III
10:00 AM

After the pivotal Axial Age, the development of Human Consciousness underwent gradual, steady refinement for the next millennium as cultures became more defined and widespread. After 1300CE though, European growth came to an abrupt halt as famine and death swept the continent.  The Black Death plague reduced the population by nearly half. Then, almost as suddenly, after about 1400CE, the famed “Rebirth” gave rise to the rediscovery of Classical Humanism. Giants of literature, philosophy, architecture, sculpture, and painting appeared over a short 300 years. It all began in the small, but influential, city of Florence, Italy.
Instructor: Bill Logan M.D.

Current Events
11:00 AM

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a lot going on in the world today. Join other AIL members for a casual discussion about current events — from happenings in Charlotte to around the globe to outer space. No particular viewpoint is required, just an open mind, curiosity and a friendly spirit. Classmates may join the conversation or just listen in. News articles, studies and illustrations from multiple sources will be the basis for discussion.
Instructor: Joe Spencer

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Adventures In Dining

At the end of each Monday session, we will explore some of Charlotte's wonderful lunch opportunities. Sign up each Monday as you arrive, pick up directions and meet us for a Dutch-treat lunch.