Adventures in Learning Programming

Adventures in Learning is going VIRTUAL!  

November 2, 2020 - November 6, 2020

The Shepherd's Center of Charlotte will resume the much anticipated and attended Adventures in Learning (AIL)! Join us for the fall session of one week of fun and diverse topics provided by a great group of instructors. Classes will be held twice a day for one hour. Register for one class or all ten! Registration is a flat fee of $30. 

Check Out the Fall Courses...

Food From Home                                            Tom Hanchett

What foods remind you of your growing up?  That question will be a springboard for exploring Charlotte’s diverse food traditions today – including tasty restaurant tips from Tom Hanchett’s long-running "Food from Home” column in the Charlotte Observer. 

Monday, November 2     10:00 am   

Feng Shui                                                             Dr. Leang Kim Eap

Dr. Leang Kim Eap is a Naturopathic doctor and Feng Shui consultant with a background in Chemical Engineering, computer programming and management.   She has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine for over 26 years and has more than 25 years of experience in Feng Shui and Geomancy. Dr. Eap will demystify this subject and enlighten what Feng Shui is in the 21st century. 

Monday, November 2      2:00 pm

The Feldenkrais Method                                         Paula Alonso

The Feldenkrais method is a movement class that will help you move with greater ease and comfort in your daily life. Regular Feldenkrais classes help improve balance, increase flexibility, and reduce aches and pains. The movements are done slowly and mindfully sitting in chairs.

Tuesday, November 3     10:00am

Breast Thermography                                                       Gaye Walden

This is not just for ladies! Gaye will provide information on Breast Thermography, a safe and painless screening for all individuals at every age. This presentation will highlight lifestyle choices and changes you can make to improve and maintain good breast health, including the importance of breast lymphatic massage. 

Tuesday, November 3      2:00pm

Opportunities to Save Money – Medicare

Leslie Aronovitz

Whether you’ve been on Medicare for 5 months or 5 years+, this presentation is for you. Ms. Aronovitz will discuss tips for you to get the most out of your Medicare the program, what to do if Medicare denies one of your claims, how and when to change medical plans, why you should assess your drug plan every year, and little known preventive benefits Medicare offers for free.

Wednesday, November 4           10:00am

Music, Jazz and the Harlem Renaissance                        Dawn Anthony

An overview of America's gift of the music to the world- jazz, Dawn Anthony will share the history of its origins in New Orleans and its journey throughout America and then the world. One of its main (but not only) places of cultivation was in Harlem, New York. Harlem became an epicenter of artistic creation just before the 1920's. Dawn Anthony will share some of the wonderful sights and sounds that impacted generations to come! 

Wednesday, November 4         2:00pm

Real Estate for Seniors                                           Rob Wachter

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist will discuss the difficult task of “right sizing” in today’s world and explain the difference between a repair and an improvement and which is best for return on investment.

Thursday, November 5        10:00am


If Pills Could Talk                                                                   Rusty Ryan

Rational, safe, effective and economical use of medication in the older adult by Rusty Ryan. He is emeritus trustee of the Shepherd's Center of America and professor of Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology

Thursday, November 5      2:00pm

History of the Carolinas                                        Dr. Tom Cole

Explore the history of The Old North State. Whether you have lived here for a long time or one of our newer residents this class will provide an insight to the topics as well as perhaps answer some of your questions about our great state and city.

Friday, November 6              10:00am

Brain Games                                                                      Angela Burrow

Join in a class discussing how the brain ages. Brain exercise encourages us to be intention, pay attention and focus. We will try fun exercises that will shake up your routine, activate your senses and encourage your brain cells to make new connections.  

Friday, November 6      2:00pm

* Preregistration is required.