Mondays, January 27—March 2
General Session (10:00 AM — 11:00 AM)

Uniquely Charlotte

January 27:  Dr Tom Hanchett shares "Food From Home."  What foods remind

you of growing up? That question will be a springboard for exploring Charlotte’s food traditions today—a window on Charlotte’s wide array of newcomers from across the US and around the world, with tasty restaurant tips from Tom’s

monthly “Food from Home” column in the Charlotte Observer.

February 3: Art Speaks: Highlight from the Mint Museum - Toni
Kendrick and Deborah Langsam
Docents with the Mint Museum w ill
provide a brief history of the Mint and it’s importance to Charlotte and North
Carolina as well as answer a few questions. Why does an artist create a piece
of art: What does the artist intend to communicate? What message and why is
it important? They will help us hear the artists’ voices on a virtual tour of pieces
from the museum’s collection. Join us as we listen to the ways in which “Art

February 10: The Billy Graham Library is known as a top attraction in Charlotte.
Today, Melanie McIntyre will give you a glimpse into this unique experience.
Learn how the Library came to be, what to expect when visiting, and how
you can be a part of the ministry there. View rare and original artifacts up
close, including one that has a special connection to Sharon Presbyterian

February 17: Dr. Carol Higham, a lecturer at UN C–Charlotte will speak on
the history of native peoples in the Charlotte area, including the Catawba and
the Cherokee, and how that history has led to current conflicts and hidden


February 24: Bojangles has been a Charlotte institution since 1977, when
veteran restaurateurs Jack Fulk and Richard Thomas opened the very first
Bojangles location in the Queen City on West Blvd. Since then, the brand has
grown to 11 states, proudly serving it’s Cajun-inspired chicken, made-from-scratch
buttermilk biscuits and home-style fixin’s to generations for loyal fans.
Bojangles has remained true to its roots while also embracing the future with
unique partnerships and cutting-edge social and digital media campaigns.

March 2: Sarah Cheney, the Executive Director of Shepherd ’s Centers
of America, will be with us provide a brief history of the development and
growth of Shepherd’s Centers. You’ll gain interesting insight into our pioneering
approach, why our values of interfaith collaboration are so important, and characteristicsthat make Shepherd’s Centers unique. There’s a role for everyone

in advancing our mission for creating empowering experiences for living a life of

meaning...for today's and future generations of older adults.

Piano Players Needed!

Attention Piano Players! This is an invitation to you to join our little group of pianists who play the background piano music during the social time before Adventures in Learning. We’d love to have you take turns with us in playing for a most appreciative audience. You can play whatever you feel like and feel most comfortable with. If you’re interested, contact Nina Arten (; 704-365-1995) or Marylyn Wade (; 704-946-2198).

Classes - 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM

American First Ladies: Martha Washington to Michelle Obama - We will wrap up America’s First Ladies and Move into the Vice Presidents—You will see each one as a unique, talented and supportive partner to the President. Focus will be on their childhood, education, personality, talents, perspective about the role of the First Lady, and contributions made while in Washington.
Instructor: Jim Sasser

Becoming your Best Health Advocate— YOU—it’s YOU! It is too often difficult to navigate our complex healthcare system. We will cover what it means to be your own best advocate, know what you want and how to get it. During our session we will explore how to find the right provider and communicate effectively with those involved in your care.
Instructors: Elizabeth Pruett and Cindy Hostetler

Learn All About Pencil Sketching—This class will cover the basics of good composition, balance, shading and perspectives. You will have a chance to draw landscapes, seascapes and more. The emphasis is on having fun using pencils to show shadows, etc. No talent is needed. Just bring a sketchbook, pencils and eraser!
Instructor: Richard Solar

Mindful Movement Class (Feldenkrais Method)—This is a gentle movement class that will help you move with greater ease and comfort in your daily life. Regular Feldenkrais classes help improve balance, increase flexibility, and reduce aches and pains. The movements are done slowly and mindfully sitting in chairs or lying on the floor.

You must be able to transition from a chair to the floor on your own. Bring a blanket.
Maximum for this class is 15 students.
Instructor: Paula Alonso (Guild Certified Feldenkrais teacher)

The Newsreel—This class will delve into local, national and international developments, trends and happenings. Our world is constantly changing with new developments and discoveries that are fascinating! Participants are encouraged to bring articles to share for discussion. This is a class where we learn from each other’s perspectives and relish a lively and polite discussion.
Instructor: Don Doyle

Classes- 1:20 PM to 2:20 PM

JewelryTake your old jewelry and make it new or create a brand new piece. Bring old beads or jewelry to the first class or new items purchased from any of the local craft stores. No experience necessary!

Instructor: Cris Osborne

Join Me at the Table: Cooking Skills, Gadgets, and Shortcuts—Join me as we discuss some basic cooking skills, explore a few new and classic cooking gadgets and I’ll share some tried and true shortcuts that will expand your cooking repertoire.
Instructor: Khris Wigington

A look at Sir Walter Raleigh—Patriot or Traitor?
Instructor: Luther Wade

The Birds of Winter— In the winter, cardinals, wrens & chickadees are common visitors to backyard feeders. But did you know you may also have some visitors from the north invading it as well? This series will take a look at what might be in your backyard this winter and how to create a backyard habitat for birds with native plants. You will also discuss the recent reports about the decrease in bird population and the impact of climate change on the birds.
Instructor: Judy Walker

The Last Taboo—” The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.” - Tuesdays with Morrie  You can always find people to talk to about life, faith, and even sex. The one topic we still avoid talking about is death. That does not mean we do not think about it. The recent surge in popularity of vampires and zombies is evidence of how death is part of our psyche, albeit in a disguised and distorted manner. So how is it that we think and talk about the meaning of death? In this class, we will explore the scientific, societal, cultural, and personal meanings of loss, grief, and death. The goal is to understand our personal understanding of death and to use the information obtained in the class as a basis for expanding our conversations about death with others.
Instructor: Cherie Clark

Understanding the US Constitution— This class is a short study into the basics of the US Constitution, what it says and what it doesn’t say, and how rulings by the Supreme Court have interpreted and shaped our understanding and perceptions of the document.
Instructor: Roy Colquitt



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