Adventures in Learning Programming



Mondays, April 6 — May 18
General Session (10:00 AM — 11:00 AM)

New Ways to Heal

April 6:  Music Therapy—  Music has many therapeutic benefits and is used in various settings in our daily life. Emily Roland will address who benefits from music as a form of therapy and enjoyment, why it matters and how music impacts daily lives. This is an interactive group session.


April 20:  Inflammation, Fatigue and Brain Fog—Understand inflammation, how it affects your health, why you may not have the energy you want, and what you need to do to help your brain function better.  Dr. Michael Smith, a leading wellness expert, will teach you how to stop treating the symptoms and actually start addressing the underlying problem with your health.  You will learn what actually works to achieve optimal health, at any age!


April 27: This is not just for ladies...Gaye Walden is a Certified Health Coach and AAT Certified Medical Thermographer. She will provide information on Breast Thermography, a safe and painless screening for all individuals at every age. This presentation will highlight lifestyle choices and changes you can make to improve and maintain good breast health, including the importance of Breast Lymphatic massage.  


May 4: Therapeutic Arts—When working to manage behaviors and other mental health issues, the use of the Creative and Expressive Arts is a non -invasive way to reach beyond the surface and identify the cause. The Arts not only spark creativity and relaxation, they bring emotions that can be buried and that are connected to memories. Creative and Expressive Arts Therapy helps treat anxiety, PTSD, depression, social phobias, and is a scientifically proven non-pharmacological way to manage pain and induce self -awareness. Shane Elks provides his expertise in this area.

May 11: Feng Shui is the vast collection of ancient Asian wisdom allowing us to live in harmony with our environment in order to can thrive in all aspects of life including health, relationships and prosperity. Historically used by nobility and royalty, Feng Shui has migrated to the West and has become increasingly popular. Dr. Eap  will demystify this subject and enlighten what Feng Shui is in the 21st century.


May 18:  Healing Your Body with Acupuncture and Auricular Medicine—Darren Holman will discuss utilizing the interconnection of the acupuncture system, and the auricular micro-system of the ear to diagnose and treat numerous health conditions. Darren has over 15 years of experience and utilizes his engineering background to treat the body in a scientific manner to yield great results. His desire to learn new ways to heal the body and empower his patients to reclaim their quality of life is his passion.

Classes - 11:20 AM to 12:20 PM

Charlotte-Mecklenburg History 1940– Present—This series will be presented through the eyes of the individual mayors of Charlotte and the key personalities who helped shape the Queen City’s heritage from 1940 to the resent. Whether you are a Charlotte native or transplant, you will find this a fun and informative look a the city’s modern heritage.
Instructor: Jim Sasser

Journey to a Life Transition — Change is inevitable and the reality of that is often one we dislike. Life brings change and one of the major changes we have in our lives is pulling up roots and moving. This class will walk you through how to deal with the emotional pieces of the journey as well as help you work a plan to complete the task and what comes next. William Bridges said “It is when we are in transition that we are most completely alive” perhaps we feel more deeply when we must change.  
Instructors: Kiera DesChamps and team


“Silent Spring”—Ranked by Discover magazine as one of the 25 best science books ever “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson tells the story of the discovery and proliferation of chemical pesticides in the United States following World War 2. The class will discuss why this book is considered one of the greatest works of environmentalism and how it was a driving force in the creation and implementation of the Environmental Protection Act.  You are encouraged to purchase the book and bring it to class. 
Instructor: Khris Wigington 

The English Language as she is (and was) spoken—According to Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The English language is the sea which receives tributaries from every region under heaven.” If that was true in his day, it is even more true at present, when English has become the world’s lingua franca. How the language of a smallish island on the outskirts of the European continent developed such world-wide significance, the historical events that affected its change and growth, and a brief look at its almost infinite variety will be among the topics considered in this class. 
Instructor: Luther  Wade

The Newsreel—This class will delve into local, national and international developments, trends and happenings. Our world is constantly changing with new developments and discoveries that are fascinating! Participants are encouraged to bring articles to share for a nonpartisan discussion. 
Instructor: Don Doyle

Classes- 1:20 PM to 2:20 PM

Bookmaking:  The Bechtler Collection contains many examples of artist’s books. These are compilations of works of art, often accompanied by poems or other text. While artist’s books can take many forms, there are few elements that are common across the practice. Understanding a book as an artwork invites a reflection on the properties of the book form itself. Participants will utilize bookmaking and bookbinding skills to create a variety of handmade books that can be given as gifts, used as artist’s books, notebooks, scrapbooks, travel journals and more. 
Instructor: Laura Allison

Islands: Crucibles of Evolution—Ever since Galapagos, islands have played a crucial role in understanding the mechanisms of both Evolution and Extinction. The very isolation that defines islands allows the study of Competition, Exploitation and Adaptive Innovation under controlled circumstances. This explains some of the unique life forms exclusive to islands and has provided key information regarding efforts to assure the survival of important threatened species. 
Instructor: William Logan

Jewelry-Making —Take your old jewelry and make it new or create a brand new piece. Bring old beads or jewelry to the first class or new items purchased from any of the local craft stores. No experience necessary! 
Instructor: Cris Osborne 

Major Figures of the Italian Renaissance —A series of visual presentations of the work of major painters, sculptors, and architects of the Italian Renaissance including Botticelli, Brunelleschi, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, and others with particular attention to the influence of these artists upon Western culture. 
Instructor: Roy Colquitt

Shakespeare’s Comedies: More Fun Than You Thought! Cole Porter mined “Taming of the Shrew” for his Broadway smash “Kiss Me Kate,” suggesting in one song that a guy would be a much more successful lady-killer if he “brushed up” on his Shakespeare and mined the bard for great pick-up lines. In this class we will look for commentary on contemporary issues, and have fun, pure and simple! A major source of reference will the the “All Clear! Shakespeare” project. Books available for purchase $6—$10. 
Instructor: Eugene Kusterer 


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